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St Marys Primary School and Nursery Unit, Portaferry

High Five Magazine

13th May 2022

At the beginning of this year our school was invited to participate in a pilot programme organised by the Education Authority called "High Five." The High Five programme focuses on developing our emotional and mental health and is based on the Take 5 model of; Being Active, Connect, Take Notice, Give and Keep Learning. More information about Take 5 is available at

Upon a follow up visit to our school the facilitators of the programme were so impressed with the different activities going on within our school that they asked us to produce our own High Five magazine to highlight our excellent practice and to showcase these activities for all other primary school across Northern Ireland. 

The theme we were given was to "Be Independent." It is important to be able to ask for help when we need it, but some things can be done without any help. Independence is a valuable skill to practice and learn as we grow, and achieving something without help can make us feel great!

We are very proud of our school and are delighted to be able to given this opportunity to highlight some of the  excellent practice going on within our classrooms and the opportunities our staff provide for the pupils within our school to become independent.

Within our school this programme is facilitated by Mrs Breen along with our nominated High Five Ambassadors, Mrs Fowler and Mrs Milligan. We thank them for their continuing hard work and dedication in embedding this important programme throughout our school. We hope you enjoy reading the contents of this magazine. Please follow the link below to view the magazine.