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St Marys Primary School and Nursery Unit, Portaferry

Earth Day in P1

22nd Apr 2021

Today is Earth day. We have had long chats in P1 about our Earth and how it is a little bit sick because of things that humans have done. We know that cutting down trees makes it hard for Earth to breathe. We know that Earth is getting too hot and this means that the snow and ice is melting where the big Polar Bears live. This means they will soon have no home which is very sad. We want to be Eco warriors in P1 and have decided that there are things that we can do to help our Earth heal. We made a great big jigsaw with the words Reduce Reuse Recycle. We have talked about these words and know in our classroom we can reduce the amount of electricity we use by turning off the light; we can reuse things that have been used before, and we can recycle paper by putting it in the blue bin. We went on a special Earth day Nature walk with our clipboards and pencils. We finished it off by doing what P1s do best - WE HAD FUN by doing cartwheels, running, jumping, rolling down the bank and running races.