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St Marys Primary School and Nursery Unit, Portaferry

Circle Detectives in Nursery

23rd Sep 2022

As part of our High Five Friday, we became Circle Detectives!  We have been searching for circles everywhere.  We started off today by having a look inside nursery.  We found lots of different ones.  Then we went outside and looked all around.  We have great detectives in nursery as the boys and girls searched high and low!  We even found circles on some of the clothes we were wearing.  Have a look at our photos to see some of the circle shapes they found!  When we went in to the big playground we found a circle big enough to fit all of us in to it!  We made a big circle by joining hands.  We then took a few steps back to make it even bigger! We have been learning a Circle Song too.  Great work boys and girls!