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St Marys Primary School and Nursery Unit, Portaferry

Accelerated Reader News

24th Nov 2023

During the months of September and October our Primary 5 and 6 pupils have read over 3 million words on the Accelerated Reader programme. To celebrate this we have decided to introduce a new set of certificates to acknowledge the great reading going on within each of these class. 

Yesterday at Assembly we gave out the first of these certificates to those pupils who have read over 50,000 words, 100.000 words and 250,000 words during these months. We were delighted to present 50,000 certificates to Cliodhna (P6), Braden (P6), Alex (P5), Stephen (P6), Hannah (P5), Enda (P7), Isla (P5), Carter (P6), Olly (P6), Oliver (P6). Certificates for reading over 100,000 words during September and October were presented to Ruairi (P6), Aoibhinn (P6), Kayleigh (P5), Darragh (P6), Kobi (P5), Shane (P5), Oisin (P5), Evan (P6), Michael (P5) and Grace (P6). Finally we presented certificates for reading over 250,000 words to Cillian (P6) and Lee (P6). At an earlier Assembly we presented Niamh (P7) with her Millionaire certificate. Well done to all these great readers. 

At the end of each month our teachers will be monitoring pupil engagement with the Accelerated Reader programme and presenting the appropriate certificates at Assembly. Our Primary 7 class will also be participating in this from next week. 

Remember, it is recommended that children read at least 15 minutes per night for P4, 20 minutes for P5, 25 minutes for P6 and 30 minutes for P7.